Instagram for the Foodie Industry

Whether you run a boutique bakery, a food truck, a fruit stand, or a small restaurant, you know Instagram is part of what gets customers in the door. But why do you have to worry about that on top of everything else? Let me take care of it for you!

You’ve got bills to pay, things to order, and schedules to sort. Let me worry about posting, consistency, and following trends. Social media is more than just something fun we do in our free time. I believe that social media can change the world for the better, if we use it right! I love helping small businesses thrive with minimum effort on their part! Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, whether you’ve been around 100 years or you’re brand new, I can help make social media work for you!

How does it work

First we dive into your target audience. You’ll fill out a short questionnaire, I’ll do the research. Next we’ll have a meeting where together we’ll discuss content strategies, posting schedule, and where we go from there.

Your phone is probably already filled with dazzling photos and videos of your work, all you have to do is share with me and I get the creative juices flowing. Depending on our strategy this could be static posts, videos, or reels.

As these posts are created, complete with captions and hashtags, I’ll send them to you for approval. If you’re happy with the work, we’ll schedule them for posting. And look at that you’re growing your Instagram reach without lifting a finger.

Strategic social media so you can focus on your business.

Streamlined process

Flawless content

Worry free

Fancy meeting you here! I’m Amanda and I’m a social media manager who believes in the power of small food. What do I mean by small food? I mean mom-and-pops, that bakery around the corner that only sells croissants on Thursdays, and homemade pickles.

I’ve spent 11+ years in education and libraries where I’ve witnessed the power of social media and created several accounts. I even went semi viral on Tik Tok just messing around. Armed with my research and design skills I’m prepared to help you reach your social media goals.

Together we’ll do great things!