Social Proof

As an emerging player in the social media management sphere, I prioritize transparency and efficacy in my approach. Here are two examples of clients who entrusted me with guiding them through my strategic process. Despite the inherent unpredictability of social media outcomes, the tangible results achieved by these clients underscore my commitment to excellence. Explore these client testimonials to witness firsthand the impact of my strategies in the world of social media management.

Garden of Me Pet Care

Garden of Me Pet Care is a business that focuses on dog walks and cat visits in the South Jordan area of Utah. We worked together as a beta client situation. She had a very small following and was trying to move away from the 3rd party scheduling app that they had started on. While they had a small audience on Instagram, they didn’t have the right audience and weren’t getting the engagement or bookings that they were looking for.

I used an engagement strategy as well as targeting the location of the ideal client base for Garden of Me. I used psychological triggers to engage customers to follow and book through the link in the bio, instead of through the 3rd party app.  

During just 1 month of testing, we were able to increase profile views by 70%, increased impressions by 119% and gained 2% more followers.

Here is a quote from the owner of Garden of Me Pet Care

“Amanda Hatton Creative was so professional and organized! I was always kept in the loop with any posts that they created, and they made sure each post was on-brand and targeted towards potential clients. I was always given the option to give feedback and edit details of each post. Amanda Hatton creative made my social media presence more relatable, fun, and easy! It was so nice to not have to worry about creating posts on top of all the other tasks that owning a small business entails. With their work, Amanda Hatton Creative got my creative juices flowing again for making my own content!”

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The Pixie Barber

The Pixie Barber is a hair stylist who primarily cuts pixie hair cuts in the Holladay area of Salt Lake City, Utah. She had worked previously with another social media manager but was still overwhelmed by the level of work required and had quite a few communication issues. While her Instagram was active and had plenty of engagement, she was not booking the number of clients she wanted.

I used a strategy that focused on the experience and personality, not just on the final product. By showing the experience, clients could envision what they’d feel during a visit instead of just seeing cute haircuts.

After only 3 months on the account, I increased interaction by 37% on Instagram and increased Facebook impressions by 64%. I targeted the location very specifically with location tags, as well as with a variety of hashtags to ensure that the people seeing the content were in her service area.

Here is a brief review from The Pixie Barber “Amanda is seriously the best! They’ve been running my social media for a few months and I have been so happy. My previous social media manager made me do a bunch of work that she should have been doing and Amanda took over and I’ve been stress free with it ever since. Not to mention my Instagram looks amazing now!! Highly recommend”

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